Business Banner Advertising Order

Business Banner Advertising Order

Watch Your Business Website Grow in Traffic!

Boxed Animated Banner Placed Throughout Our Blog

Product Details

What you get is a boxed animated banner featuring your business and is linked to your business website. Each banner will be sized (300 pixel x 250 pixel), animated and rotational.

We will create the banner to your specifications and provide you with a proof for approval prior to going live on the website.

Once approved, your banner will be placed throughout the blog pages of the this website.

Cost for Banner Ad

  1. The cost for animated banner creation is $49.95. Or you can supply your own banner according to the dimensions mentioned above (300 pixel x 250 pixel). The banner must be an animated gif or static jpeg (jpg) file.
  2. Monthly cost is based on PPC (Pay per click). Each time a website visitor clicks on your banner, you are charged $2.75/click. These clicks send the visitor to your business website. Each click is logged and you will receive a monthly report with your invoice each month you have the banner with us.

Customer Supplied Banner

If you are supplying the banner, make sure it is sized 300 pixel x 250 pixel. Please email banner to [email protected].

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