Business Blog Article Advertising Order

Business Blog Article Advertising Order

Watch Your Business Website Grow in Traffic!

Non-Expiring Full Page Blog Business Advertising

Product Details

What you get is a full blog page advertising posting which is non-expiring. Each advertising editorial post will contain pictures, artwork and links to your business website.

The ad editorial post will be structured with effective and proven SEO techniques to guarantee online traffic success to your business website.

You will be given monthly reports on how many people click to view your website.

Cost for Business Blog Article Ad

  1. The cost for for creating the blog editorial is included in the cost.
  2. You need to supply the text copy and any pictures you wish to have inserted into your editorial ad. The copy text must be sufficient to fill a full page with artwork and photos.
  3. Monthly cost is $24.95/month. This is offered in plans according to renewal cycles. For example. This plan is offered in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments. No commitment past the payment plan you choose.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: Please email any artwork or text copy to [email protected]. Artork must be JPG format at 72 dpi and text copy must be in Microsoft Word (PC) or plain text.

We will contact you via email or phone to discuss your new Business Blog Article AD. Please make your purchase below.

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