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The content of your article must NOT be all about advertising your business. You must offer “tips & tricks” or something that viewers will benefit from. An example of this would be advice. Then at the bottom of your blog post the viewer will be able to click on your website and see your contact info. See sample above.

What We Do Accept

We are looking for articles where writers put thought into their work and show professionalism. You may include one photo or one piece of artwork and links in your text to support your article.

What We Don’t Accept

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  • Spam content with overuse of links.
  • Pornography of any kind.
  • Content that is racist, shows hatred or threatening.
  • Any content that is illegal to post on the Internet.
  • Content that shows as a business advertising editorial. Content that is mostly about someone’s business. You need to purchase affordable business advertising if you want your article to be all about what your business offers.

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