Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Best Company Affiliate Program Ever!

Come See Why You Want to Become an Affiliate.

Newly Launched Customer Affiliate Program

We are now offering a customer affiliate program to customers who bring in new customers to Light Touch Technologies. Every product and services we offer is included in the affiliate program.

Our Products and Services

We recommend that you become familiar with our products and services if you wish to be an affiliate. You are welcome to read our Terms and Conditions.

Get Free Web Hosting when you Become an Affiliate!

We have the BEST benefits for our affiliates! Our affiliate program allows for the following benefits:

  • FREE Premium Web Hosting package on a 3 month account. After the pay cycle (3 months) reaches it’s renewal date, the affiliate will need to pay for their hosting, unless they bring in another paying customer. Each time an affiliate brings us a paying customer, the affiliate receives this compensation.
  • 20% commission for bringing us a paying new customer of our products and services. The Affiliate receives 20% of total online sales that they refer through our website and 20% of total price paid for custom quotes products. Affiliate payout happens every 7 days via e-transfer, PayPal or mailed cheque. Each affiliate activity is logged and reports are given showing sales details weekly.
  • No committed requirement. Cancel at any time. Any money owed to an affiliate will be calculated and paid out to the affiliate within the 7 day pay cycle.
  • No purchase required. There is no purchase requirement to be an affiliate. You only need to have a registered Affiliate Account with us. See below for information.

How to Become an Affiliate

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Affiliate for Light Touch Technologies. We strongly value all of our Affiliates, Web Hosting Resellers and Customers. Below is how to become an affiliate with us.

  1. Sign up for a affiliate account by clicking the green button below. Fill in all the information required. Please document your username/email and password as you will need it in the below step.
  2. Check to make sure you received your Affiliate Program Control Panel email. This panel will allow you to setup products and services that we offer as well as administer your account with us.
  3. Login to your Control Panel URL give to you in the email. Use your account setup logins that I mentioned for you to document in above step.
  4. Start referring our products and services and enjoy the benefits that the Affiliate Program offers.