Graphic Design

Graphic Design

High Quality, Professional Graphic Design

Each Design is original to our customer’s specifications.

Photoshop on laptop

We Use Professional Industry Standard Graphic Design Software.

We are Industry Trained to Provide the Best Quality for Our Customers.

We provide three types of graphic design: Print media graphics for printed products * Digital/website images * Vector based animation graphics and production videos. Each design product is produced in high resolution and high quality. Website graphics are great quality that is optimized for fast web page loadup in an Internet browser. You get the best trained, talented professionals at competitive pricing.

Candiss Cole Designs sample

Designed by Light Touch Technologies. Photo by Candiss Cole Designs.

High Resolution Print Media Graphics

Resolution for printing products are higher dpi (dots/inch) than web-based graphics. Website graphics are typically 72 dpi, whereas print graphics start at 300 dpi and go up from there. Our graphics such as logos that are used for printing are “camera ready” according to the customer’s specifications and sent digitally to the customer. We also provide the whole printing product camera ready (pre-press) and the complete job becomes available for professional printing.

Fast Loading Optimized Web Based Graphics

High quality graphic images that are designed for smaller file size so they load faster in a website without loosing out in the quality and and clarity of the graphics. Perhaps you are interested in animated online company branding such as an animated business logo. You can click to request a quote.

Vector Based Animation Graphics and Business Marketing Production Videos.

Do you need a marketing video production for your business? Our video productions are 29.5 fps (frames/second) and are offered in SD (standard definition: 720 dpi) or HD (high definition: 1080p, 1,920×1,080 dpi.) Our marketing video featured here is MP4 and compressed with 29.7 fps and HD. We also incorporate “real life” video footage in our animations in the videos we create.