What is needed from the customer for a Business Blog Article ad?

Requirements From the Customer for Full Page Business Blog Advertising The complete design is included in the customer’s ad. After the customer orders the advertising, we need the content to be emailed from the customers to us in certain formats. Please see below for the specifications and requirements. Ad Copy Specification The text that will … Read more

What forms of advertising does Light Touch Technologies offer?

Banner or Full Page Blog Business Advertising with Light Touch Technologies We provide two forms of LOW-COST, effective advertising on our company website. Light Touch Technologies offers banner and full page blog post advertising that appears throughout our blog pages and knowledgebase pages. Business Banner Advertising Each banner is an animated box banner that links … Read more

Is There a Money Back Guarantee for Products and Services?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services or products, you can receive a full refund of your purchase within 30 days of original purchase. We strongly feel that you will be satisfied with our customer support, services and products. Our customers are the MOST IMPORTANT. See … Read more

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