If the Customer Cancels, Will They Receive a Refund.

A customer can cancel their account at anytime; however, a full refund is only given for the FIRST 30 days of the original purchase (Not renewal of services purchased.). For example, the customer would need to cancel their account within the 30 days of the original purchase in order to receive their refund. See our … Read more

Can I cancel my account at anytime without any penalties?

Yes, customer account can be cancelled by the customer at anytime without any obligation. There is no hidden committment in the contract. The contract automatically ends when the customer chooses to cancel or it expires at the end of the payment period paid.

Does Light Touch Technologies provide contracts for Renewal Services?

Yes we do provide a contract between Light Touch Technologies and the customer for services that are provided on a renewal basis. What Services Do You Offer Contracts? We provide contracts to our customera for the following services: Web Hosting Web Design (contract only valid until the end of the web design) SEO/Webmaster Services How … Read more

Is There a Money Back Guarantee for Products and Services?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services or products, you can receive a full refund of your purchase within 30 days of original purchase. We strongly feel that you will be satisfied with our customer support, services and products. Our customers are the MOST IMPORTANT. See … Read more

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