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We are Offering the Latest Technology and our Professionalism in SEO to Our Customer.

A business website is only good if it is being seen by viewers online and conversions happen from them. Online conversions represent sales generated from a website with an online store. Most websites fail success because they were NOT designed with effective SEO techniques in mind.

Meaning of SEO

It stands for Search Engine Optimization and the definition is as follows:

Search engine optimization is the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.” This quote came from Wikipedia.

The internet is flooded with competitive websites fighting to “Top Position” in Google and Bing for their “Search Keywords”. Often time, an owner of a website gives best effort for good placement in Google. In most cases, the best effort is unsuccessful.

SEO is a Must for Successful Website Marketing

This is where we kick in. Our SEO specialists here at Light Touch Technologies in Calgary, Alberta are professionally trained to get increasing website traffic for customers in Organic Search through Google and Bing as well as PPC (Pay Per Click) ads on those engines. We also create social media ads as well to further your successful increase in online traffic to your website.

Our SEO/Webmaster Services are VERY easy on affordability as we strive to be competitive in our pricing structure for our products and services. The difference between us and our competitors is that they only give you equivalent to what you pay. This is too restrictive. We give you all the high end, effective and result driven SEO services for an affordable price.

We Don’t Stop With You as You Begin to Grow Traffic. With our SEO/Webmaster Services, we back you up in your online success all the way for as long as you want us.

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30 day guarantee

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If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services or products, you can receive a full refund of your purchase within 30 days of original purchase. See our Terms and Conditions.

WordPress Web Design Offer

WordPress design

What is Included with This Offer?

Domain Registration

Free 1 year domain registration.

WordPress Web Design

Professionally Designed 4 Page WordPress Website. Graphic Design Included. SEO Optimized. Fast Loading and Clean.

Ultra-Fast Web Hosting

Free 3 Month Web Hosting for Your Website. Premium Hosting Package.


24/7 Premium Customer Service Support via chat, support ticket and email. We are fast in customer responses guaranteed!

$299.95 CAD

Domain Registration, Web Design and Web Hosting above can also be purchased separately without this deal.
Standard web design prices are quoted to the customer as each website is custom created for the customer’s needs.