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Welcome to LTT Blog

LTT Welcome to Our Blog

We have revamped our complete website which also includes a fresh new look at our information blog. We will feature articles about Alberta business, health in Alberta as well as new technology innovations in regards to IT and Alberta online business marketing.

We Need Your Articles!

In order for this blog to be successful, we need your creative and well written blog articles. Highlight your writting skills on our company blog. Posting blog articles are free and encouraged.

What You Will Receive for Your Post

Each recipient will receive a free banner advertisement that will be placed in the blog sidebar at the top. This is a great way to get exposure to your Alberta business. It’s a win-win…. we get your content and you get free advertising. You can’t go wrong.

Our Technical Specifications for Blog Submissions.

  • 500 Words: Text content must not be more than 1 full page in length which includes images and pictures. No more than 500 words please.
  • Text File: The text content must be in Microsoft Word (PC) or Plain Text format.
  • JPG Format: Images and photos must be in jpg format and larger than 700 Pixel wide by porportional height.
  • No Advertising Content: Content of the blog article must not be about advertising your business or any other business. Don’t worry, you will recive a free banner ad for your submission.

Terms of Submission

We will refuse spamming content, advertising content as your blog article, hate or rasism content, pornography and other illegal content.

How to Submit Your Article Post

Once you complete your article and have spell checked it, you will need to email your content to us at: [email protected]

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